SMAAT - Students of Mansfield Alumni Assistance and Tuition 

“The SMAAT tutoring program will act as an extension of the school and provide the students of Mansfield State High School with exceptional academic help and encourage students to complete assessment to the best of their ability. SMAAT aims to provide affordable, high quality tutors to the student population of Mansfield State High School. As alumni of the school, we as tutors will conduct ourselves with integrity and treat every student seeking assistance with respect, patience, sincerity and confidentiality.” 

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At SMAAT, we offer assistance with both Junior and Senior Mathematics including Maths A, B, and C. Assessments for Mathematics revolve around three major criteria: Knowledge and Procedures (KPS); Modelling and Problem Solving (MPS); and Communication and Justification (C&J). Our tutors, being high achieving Mansfield alumni, are aware of these complex marking criteria and can provide each student with an individually tailored strategy designed to tackle each criteria so that they can maximise assignment marks and also become well prepared for exams.


SMAAT specialise in the following Science subjects: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Science-21 and Junior Science. We assist students in understanding both core and difficult concepts learnt in class which will help tackle higher-order thinking questions in exams. We will assist in designing and modifying experiments for EEIs (Extended Experimental Investigations) and ERTs (Extended Response Task). A lot of importance will also be given in Scientific report writing and correctly structuring reports at a high standard.


English, as a subject, is often considered challenging and demanding. At SMAAT, our tutors assist students to read, plan and edit assignments and offer any necessary feedback required for them to further improve. Focus is also given on the minor details, such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. We understand that every student is unique and will have their own needs. We work as a team to address these needs and through this, aim to polish their abilities and make them students of high calibre.  



Session Days: Monday - Friday

Session Times: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Location: F Block - Room F9


Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a student?

•Be prepared to ask questions and complete all work set by the teachers and tutors to the best of their ability •Be attentive and focused on work and work set by the teachers and tutors •Be respectful of all staff and tutors •Be motivated to complete work diligently •Be a worthy representative of Mansfield State High School and demonstrate the expectations required by the school •Punctually attend all sessions agreed upon by the parent/guardian and the tutoring program.

What is the role of the parent?

• Encourage students and foster a positive environment at home that helps to progress the work completed in the tutoring sessions • Communicate with the student about their tutoring sessions • Encourage the child to seek assistance if experiencing academic difficulties • Be respectful of, and receptive to, the advice and counsel of all staff and tutors • Communicate to the SMAAT COORDINATOR any required attendance changes (eg. Sickness, holidays etc…) • Pay invoices on time.

What is the role of a tutor?

•Provide academic assistance •Provide a safe, positive, interactive and encouraging environment •Display integrity, confidentiality and a positive demeanour •Be respectful of all students and the wishes of parents/guardians •Attend all rostered sessions punctually •Communicate to the SMAAT COORDINATOR any required attendance changes (ie. Sickness, holidays, university etc..). •Be sensitive to, and respectful of, any information disclosed by a student or parent.

What happens if students are unable to attend a session?

Due to illness in which students are absent from the school all day or unforeseen circumstances, students will be offered a make-up session, where possible. However contact with the SMAAT Coordinator must be made immediately.

How many sessions should I enrol my child?

The majority of students sign up for one session, however we have found that those students which enrol in more than one often are able to get more out of the program.

What subjects are taught at SMAAT?

With the addition of these new tutors, we are now capable of tutoring effectively in the following subjects: Mathematics (A, B, C), English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IT and French.

Frequently Asked Questions




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